CariScreen decay prevention

Prevent tooth decay with CariFree!

There had to be a way to control dental decay better than just cleaning teeth and being careful with diet, and this is it!  The CariFree Preventative system targets the bacteria causing the disease simply and effectively.

1 minute screening - Quick, Simple, Painless and Effective

Preventing Tooth Decay is as simple as 1,2,3!

1.  Screening

The CariScreen test is a new simple and painless way to determine your susceptibility to tooth decay.  A special cotton swab is wiped across your teeth to obtain a bacterial sample.  The CariScreen test takes less than 1 minute, making it a convenient part of your regular examination or hygiene visit.  Suitable for all the family.

2.  Assessment

A brief questionnaire may be conducted to further assess your risk of tooth decay.  Research shows that there are a number of risk factors that contribute to the underlying bacterial imbalance that causes tooth decay.  Your dental healthcare provider is the best person to advise you of these factors and may recommend further additional lifestyle changes to further remove the threat of tooth decay, enabling you to better manage the health of your teeth.

3.  Prescription

The CariFree preventative program has been designed to help correct the bacterial imbalance the causes tooth decay with a range of CariFree products.  The CariFree patent pending pH+ Technology neutralizes decay causing acids.  By taking a proactive preventative approach you can reduce your risk of tooth decay and avoid the potential of surgical intervention.  Prevention is the best cure!

Typical CariFree product treatments are simple to use and include the Treatment and Maintenance rinses as well as the Boost Mouthsprays, Neutralizer Gels and Chewing Gum.

For best results before the test:

- No brushing or flossing

- No eating or drinking

- No rinsing with a mouth wash

For at least 1 hour prior to your test


I regularly brush and floss my teeth, do I need to be tested?

Yes, testing is a most effective way to identify the bacterial imbalance that causes tooth decay.  Brushing and flossing are important factors of good oral hygiene, but this alone may not be enough to prevent tooth decay.

I have not had a cavity for several years, do I need to be tested?

Yes, your bacterial imbalance changes numerous times throughout your life.  Regular screening will help keep you decay free.

I recently had a acvity that was filled, do I need to be tested?

Yes, the filling will remove the pain and restore the tooth but this does not address the cause of tooth decay.  Corrective bacterial therapy is required to remove the bacterial challenge offering protection for all the teeth.




CariScreen decay prevention