New Digital Radiography


Digital X-rays



Sharp radiographic images are absolutely essential in today's dental practice. Dental X-Ray technology has been developing for some years now and is now at the stage where digital images developed immediately direct to our computers are of excellent quality.  Fraser Smith Lowe have now upgraded to digital radiographs for both our routine intraoral films and digital panoramic x-ray to take full images of the jaw that deliver digital exposures with outstanding clarity at a super high speed - only 5.5 seconds and at 1/5 effective dose. 


Digital Panoramic X-rays

 Many of our patients will have already had a panoramic radiograph taken in recent years.  These are used routinely to assess wisdom teeth and for orthodontics and dental implant treatment but the other benefits of this can not be understated.  Panoramic radiographs have the ability to reveal many diseases and abnormalities that cannot be otherwise detected when your dentist examines your mouth.   

Some of the things an X-ray examination may reveal:

  • infections in the bone;

  • periodontal (gum) disease

  • abscesses or cysts

  • developmental abnormalities

  • joint disorders

  • calcifications in glands and arteries

  • some types of tumours. 


  Finding and treating dental problems at an early stage can save time, money and unnecessary discomfort. It can detect damage to oral structures not visible during a regular exam. If you have a hidden tumor, radiographs may even help save your life.  If you have never had a panoramic radiograph taken or have not had one for several years please discuss this with your dentist at your next appointment.  

New Digital Radiography