We provide the oral care every mouth should receive. We aim to provide modern, comprehensive care of the highest standard in a relaxed, caring environment. Whether you require ongoing maintenance only, or are in need of complex dental reconstruction, we can help you to find the right option for appropriate care that you are comfortable with.

New Patients

New Patients »

We welcome new patients to our practice and encourage them to attain the high levels of dental awareness to help them look after their teeth for life. Read more »
Urgent or Emergency Dental Problems

Urgent or Emergency Dental Problems »

Toothache and pain, infections, broken teeth or restorations, and accidents, can all occur with little or no warning. Please contact us as soon as these problems arise so that appropriate treatment can be arranged promptly. Read more »
Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment »

We offer a range of aesthetic dental treatments including tooth coloured composite resin direct fillings, as well as beautiful porcelain dental crowns and veneers.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants »

If you are missing a single tooth, missing several teeth, or missing all teeth, we can work out the right implant option for you to have the closest thing to having natural teeth again. Read more »
Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening »

Both Zoom! In office whitening in one visit, and custom take home day time or night time whitening kits are available to give you a brighter whiter smile. Read more »
Dental Hygienists for a Great Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath

Dental Hygienists for a Great Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath »

NEW! Check out our new Dental Hygiene website for the latest deals and information www.smartsmile.co.nz

Active preventive dentistry is your safeguard to maximise the longevity of your teeth and gums.  Apart from ensuring that your teeth, gums and other oral structures are healthy, and that any dental restorations are sound and adequately stable.

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CariScreen decay prevention

CariScreen decay prevention »

Tooth decay and cavities are the symptoms of a bacterial infection which is sometimes referred to as a bacterial imbalance.  Dental researchers have developed a new test that identifies the harmful decay causing bacteria which live in the thin invisible biofilm layer that coats the teeth.  This technology is now available for all members of the family at Fraser Smth Lowe Dentists.   Regular screening is recommended to help prevent tooth decay.  Should you test high it is still possible to prevent tooth decay by changing the bacterial balance.  The CariFree preventative program can help to avoid fillings or other surgical intervention by treating the cause of the disease.

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Sports Dentistry and Mouthguards

Sports Dentistry and Mouthguards »

Sports Dentistry is the treatment and prevention of oral/facial athletic injuries and related oral diseases and manifestations. Read more »
Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

If you have problems with the root canal of your tooth, we are now able to perform root canal treatment more efficiently and comfortably with the latest techniques and tools. In this way we can effectively save teeth that may otherwise have been lost. For difficult treatment we are able to make appropriate specialist referrals to the endodontist.
Visiting Oral Surgeon

Visiting Oral Surgeon

Our oral surgeon Dr Donald Macalister sees our patients regularly to provide his surgical services. This includes tooth extractions including wisdom teeth which can be performed while the patient is under intravenous sedation.
Continuing Care Service

Continuing Care Service »

Only with ongoing care and maintenance are we able to catch any potential dental problems before they develop or at least while they are still relatively minor. Read more »
All members of the Family

All members of the Family »

We aim to cater for all members of your family and to make them a part of our dental family. From pre-schoolers to great grandparents, dental health is an integral part of your well-being no matter what stage of life you are at. Read more about tips to prevent decay and tips for parents. Read more »