We welcome new patients to our practice and encourage them to attain the high levels of dental awareness to help them look after their teeth for life.

Comprehensive Dental and Oral Examination for New Patients

To this end all new patients are encouraged to see our dentists for a comprehensive dental and oral examination so that the appropriate treatment plan can be formulated to suit the individual patient.

New patients should allow at least an hour for a full examination appointment.  We spend this time not only getting to know the mouth, but importantly getting to know the person behind the mouth, as treatment is always a decision made between both the dentist and the patient.  Following a review of the completed dental and medical questionnaire, it is usual at this initial appointment to prescribe a range of necessary dental radiographs (x-rays), oral images, and other records and special tests as appropriate, as well as perform a comprehensive clinical examination.  The findings will then be explained to the patient and treatment options provided.  For more complex treatment plans, patients may be invited to return to a subsequent appointment where more detailed treatment options will be presented.

Please contact us if you would like to become a patient of our practice.  Should you have any specific dental problems or any other questions or concerns about your dental treatment, please let us know when scheduling an appointment so that appropriate time is allowed to address your concerns.  We look forward to meeting you soon!


At Fraser Smith Lowe Dentists, we feel that the highest compliment our patients can give us is the referral of friends, family and business associates, and we are always grateful of our ongoing support.

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